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Most Trusted Star Rating for your Business

3 min read

3 min readAs children, most of us were trained to think that aspiring to be perfect – especially in sports or academics is what you were supposed to do. Getting straight A’s or the blue ribbon in the science fair was celebrated and still is. Even looking at the Olympics as an example, a perfect score gets […]

Fake Reviews – Latest News You Should Know

2 min read

2 min readThere is a built-in tendency to second guess what we see on the internet. With the skepticism that comes with information that can be placed online by anyone – no matter their expertise, we battle with the authenticity of what we see. Without sounding too much like Morpheus from the Matrix – What is real? […]

Is Facebook Influencing Oath Inc’s Privacy Terms

3 min read

3 min readReactions from Facebook’s congressional hearings have ranged from bemused to downright terrified. Yet while the hearings were going on, other companies were in the process of changing their own privacy terms.  From Yahoo to AOL, new privacy terms further detail how the company collects data from its users. A New Eye On Privacy Privacy policies […]

Review Management Software

4 min read

4 min readThe internet has taken over every part of our lives. It helps us connect with friends and family while providing information, access and entertainment. But one surprising thing that has happened in the past several years is the aggregated knowledge and wisdom that are review sites. Yes, a lot of us ask a friend here […]

Best Advertising Channel 2018

5 min read

5 min readIn the last five years, ReviewInc conducted several studies of over 15,000 U.S. Consumers asking what they seek out most before selecting a business, service or product. Now, with five years of data, the answer is clear: Review Sites are the most critical to the purchase decision. The study asked consumers to provide only one answer to the following simple question: When […]