Update to Facebook Reviews


Many of you may already know that Facebook now allows people to leave you reviews on your Facebook business page. Some of you may already even have some reviews there!

However, Facebook recently made a little tweak to how these reviews appear on your business page. Previously, reviews appeared in a widget on the top right-hand corner of the business page, with a preview of the first few reviews, which you could scroll through.

Now, there is a dedicated tab at the top of the business page:


There is also a widget on the left hand side of the page toward the bottom. It defaults to this location on your business page, but you are able to move it around as you see fit.


Have a business page but don’t see the ‘Reviews’ tab?

Follow the steps below:

– Go to your business page and click ‘About’.

– Go to ‘Basic Info’ and click the ‘Edit’ button with the pencil in the top right-hand corner.

– Go to ‘Address’ and input your full address.

Your page should now display the ‘Reviews’ tab.

For more info, please visit the Facebook Help Center.

Review Site Series: Alternate Logins

Many review sites offer certain features to business owners and reviewers alike. At ReviewInc, one of our favorites is alternate logins. Alternate logins allow reviewers and business owners to log in to the review site using credentials from a different website such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo!.

Since many people already have accounts with these popular websites, it makes it very convenient for them to quickly log in and access the full functionality of the review site without having to create an additional account on that review site. Or at the very least, it makes account creation for that website a little more simplified.

Out of 170 review sites that we monitor, 89 support Facebook logins, 30 support Google logins, 16 support Yahoo! logins, 15 support Twitter logins, 8 support Windows logins and 6 support LinkedIn logins.

We feel this is a very important feature because people are more inclined to leave reviews on a review site when it is hassle-free. Any added steps could deter them from leaving a review altogether.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that alternate logins are a great feature? Let us know in the comments below!