Low-Tech Customer Feedback



A sign displayed at a local Albertsons soliciting feedback.

We recently got a grin from a sign displayed at a local Albertsons asking patrons to give their feedback.  It looked very low-tech; almost like an elementary school science fair poster.  Perhaps that was intentional, but hey, it did get our attention.  However, they did get one thing right; feedback from customers is invaluable.

Both small and large business owners alike recognize the value of collecting feedback from their customers.

Without this feedback, businesses would not be able to evolve into the best versions of themselves, a version that is not only fulfilling but exceeding their clients’ expectations.

That being said, there are a multitude of ways of collecting this feedback. Be it by simply asking them in person, asking them to fill out a piece of paper with a few questions, or now having the ability to ask them to go online to leave their feedback with you.

But it’s not enough to just gather their feedback for internal use. You must now also take into consideration the prevalence of online reviews sites such as Yelp and Google+.

Review sites like this now pose another obstacle: maintaining your online reputation.

Studies show that online reviews can have a significant impact on the amount of business comes through the door.

While some of the more tried and true fashions of collecting feedback (in person, paper, etc) have proven to be successful to an extent, these methods are limited in the scope of what they can do.

Take, for example, the paper approach. You have all these slips of paper with some solid feedback from customers, but how do you track the data? Do you then have to have a person manually input these into an Excel spreadsheet and manually generate charts to make sense of the data?

How about the current survey options? If you are already online and have the capability to collect feedback online, that’s great. However, that is only covering the feedback collection process; you still have to consider monitoring your online reputation on  review sites like Yelp and Google+.

So what is the solution?

ReviewInc provides both of these capabilities. You can privately collect feedback that you can use internally. And the private feedback you collect that happens to be positive, you can then encourage those same people to share their glowing reviews of your business to review sites such as Yelp and Google+. Additionally, you can monitor your reputation across several different review sites simultaneously without having to go through the hassle of visiting each review site individually.

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Umami Burger – Turning Collecting Feedback Social

The Manly Burger - Umami Burger, San Francisco

The Manly Burger

A popular burger chain, Umami Burger, has taken collecting feedback and turned it into a social activity. Umami token After your meal, you are given a token like the one pictured here.

Then, you are instructed to insert the token into a jar by the entrance of the restaurant to describe your dining experience. Your choices are: “I’ve been Umamified!” (positive), “About Average” (neutral), and “We’ll do Better” (negative). This follows the “happy, okay, sad” format that many of us are already very familiar with.

The question becomes: how accurate can this feedback Umami jarstruly be? Are customers pressured to put the token in the “I’ve been Umamified!” jar for fear of how they are perceived by the servers passing about, or even the people waiting in line to be seated?

Further, how are they measuring this feedback? Is there a certain amount of tokens per jar that needs to be hit before warranting a valid measurement?

What happens if people have small children with them that want to be the ones to insert the tokens into one of the jars? What if the child inserts it into the wrong jar and the parent decides to just leave it in that jar instead of reaching in to fish it out and put it into the jar that truly reflects their experience?

For the “We’ll do Better” jar, there are small cards that say, “Red Jar?!? tell us why”. What if someone puts their token in the red jar, but fails to fill out the form? How then do they follow up with them?

Although a very clever concept, it is doubtful that this may be the most effective way to gather feedback from your customers.

An electronic feedback system with automated alerts will measure results and provide up-to-the-minute information – even across several business locations.  With a highly customizable experience, clever graphics and concepts, you may not achieve the same novelty as “tokens in jars”, but you’ll certainly benefit from more accuracy.

Combining a concept like this with a reviews management service such as ReviewInc could certainly help to really collect and measure the feedback you receive from your customers. Not only that, but may improve upon your online reputation and presence in the long run.

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