Review Sites Spending Big Money On “Eyeballs”

As Seen On TVIf you’ve been watching your favorite sports team, sit-com, drama or news show, you may have seen a commercial for one of any number of review sites.  Recently, Apartment Ratings has joined the advertising blitz with TV commercials aimed at attracting more visitors.  The more visitors review sites get, the more they can charge for advertising (which is usually how most review sites monetize their site).

With a 30-second TV commercial costing anywhere from $30,000 to over $500,000, it means that review sites have recognized that there is a huge audience looking to read reviews.  Let’s have a quick look at several well known review sites that have spent significant dollars to lure in more visitors:

Apartment Ratings


Angie’s List

Health Grades






SuperPages (Mobile App)

Your business reputation is an investment. With significantly increasing consumer traffic to popular review sites such as these (and many others), business owners and marketing managers need to take more control of their online reviews.

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Review Site Series: Ability to Add Photos With Reviews

For this edition of our Review Site Series, we wanted to focus on review sites that allow the ability to add a photo with a review. Many review sites such as Yelp, Citysearch and Foursquare allow users to add photos to their reviews and/or check-ins.

We feel that this is a very nifty feature to have because it allows consumers to get a real feel for the place, rather than just the carefully curated photos posted on the business’s website. They have the opportunity to get an authentic taste for what the place really looks like when it’s filled with people (or partially-filled), not just how it looks like on a good day in perfect lighting. It also allows them to get a more realistic idea of what the food looks like from an average person’s perspective rather than just a professional photographer’s perspective.

Tuna Tartare from STK

An example of a photo pulled from STK’s website on the left with a photo uploaded by a restaurant-goer to Yelp on the right.

Hyperion Public

An example of a photo pulled from Hyperion’s Public’s website on the left with a photo uploaded by a restaurant-goer to Citysearch on the right.

Bottega Louie

An example of a photo pulled from Bottega Louie’s website on the left with a photo uploaded by a restaurant-goer to Foursquare on the right.

As evidenced in the last example, sometimes things really are as good as they seem!

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is a helpful feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Online Reviews Going Mobile – In A New Way

Last year, many review sites launched mobile reviewing capabilities. While many already had apps for smartphones, they had not previously allowed users to leave reviews straight from their mobile devices.

Now, there are even more gadgets cropping up that are allowing users to read reviews (but not leave them..yet) while on the go, two of which we wanted to focus on today.

Many new vehicle models have built-in GPS as a standard feature, particularly in luxury vehicles. One example is Lexus. In one of their newest 2014 models, we noted that there were apps in their app suite that included OpenTable and Yelp, pictured below.

Having these review sites readily available within the on-board navigation system is not only huge for review sites who decide to partner with companies who develop these, but more importantly the consumers and business owners. Online reviews are no longer relegated to those with access to a computer or smartphone; if you’re not at your computer and you have your phone with you, but it’s dead, you can now consult your trusty navigation system.

With the recent launch of Google Glass, many innovators have been inspired to launch gadgets of their own. Enter Pebble. Pebble is a small start-up that develops ‘smartwatches’ that can sync to not only your phone and your vehicle (if you have a Mercedes, that is), but your life. They generated over $10 million on Kickstarter in a matter of weeks, and they’re not stopping there.

That being said, they recently launched a new line of their smartwatches called Pebble Steel – available January 26, 2014. These stainless steel beauts are designed to cater to the more stylishly-discerning techie. They include several different apps, including Yelp and Foursquare. Check out mentions of the apps in the video below at 3:50 and 4:40, respectively.

With all these gadgets and apps launching this year (and it’s only January), there’s no limit to how important online reviews will become not only this year, but in the years to come. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!