Review Sites Spending Big Money On “Eyeballs”

As Seen On TVIf you’ve been watching your favorite sports team, sit-com, drama or news show, you may have seen a commercial for one of any number of review sites.  Recently, Apartment Ratings has joined the advertising blitz with TV commercials aimed at attracting more visitors.  The more visitors review sites get, the more they can charge for advertising (which is usually how most review sites monetize their site).

With a 30-second TV commercial costing anywhere from $30,000 to over $500,000, it means that review sites have recognized that there is a huge audience looking to read reviews.  Let’s have a quick look at several well known review sites that have spent significant dollars to lure in more visitors:

Apartment Ratings


Angie’s List

Health Grades






SuperPages (Mobile App)

Your business reputation is an investment. With significantly increasing consumer traffic to popular review sites such as these (and many others), business owners and marketing managers need to take more control of their online reviews.

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TripAdvisor Fined $600,000


43272405_sRecently, TripAdvisor was fined a cool $600,000 for failing to prevent fake reviews.

Italy’s antitrust authority states that TripAdvisor failed to implement mechanisms that would prohibit false reviews from being posted, while still touting their content as “authentic and genuine”.

The Federalberghi federation of hoteliers were largely in favor of the decision due to the fair amount of false reviews being posted throughout the site.

The antitrust authority has given TripAdvisor up to 90 days to find a solution in order to remedy the situation.

In a statement, TripAdvisor said they would appeal the findings and that they stood by their processes which are inclusive of a team that detects fraud as well as automated tools and algorithms which are “extremely effective in protecting consumers from the small minority of people who try to cheat our system.”

This is not the first time that TripAdvisor has come under fire for the way their mechanisms work. A UK regulator previously implored TripAdvisor to stop claiming that the reviews on its British site were written by independent travelers, in essence, insinuating their reliability.

“We firmly believe that TripAdvisor is a force for good – both for consumers and the hospitality industry,’ they stated.

According to TripAdvisor’s FAQ, they have a team of moderators that examine questionable reviews.  The same FAQ states:  “TripAdvisor has millions of reviews and more than one million hotels, restaurants and attractions; therefore, it would be impractical for us to fact check the details of reviews.”

To aid their process, TripAdvisor employs an fraud detection algorithm that was developed based on techniques that were developed to contend against credit card and insurance fraud. This system checks every one of the 60 reviews posted every minute by visitors, analyzing dozens of characteristics of each review to determine whether or not someone is trying to manipulate TripAdvisor.

There are over 200 million reviews and more that 890,000 hotels on TripAdvisor’s site.

The takeaway is that every business should ensure the integrity of their reputation by getting real reviews from real customers. One of the ways to do that is to implement a system just like ReviewInc that will aid in the process of doing that. Contact us at 877-9REVIEW for a demo today!

ReviewInc Research Featured in eMarketer Report

ReviewInc has been featured yet again in the new eMarketer report, “Traveler Reviews: Online Communities Reshape Marketing Strategies.”

Traveler reviews are now more prevalent than ever with the rise in seamless integration between review sites and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Services such as Gogobot, a social travel network startup that “basically straddles the line between the two extremes, the one being Facebook and the other being the TripAdvisor,” according to Travis Katz, Gogobot’s CEO and co-founder, have made it easy to find travel content targeted toward consumers based on relevance.

Studies have shown that 72% to up to 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With the capability of integrating social media sites with travel review sites, you now get both the online reviews aspect and the personal recommendation aspect. This makes it more important than ever before to make sure your online reviews-driven reputation is spotless.

According to eMarketer’s report, “Traveler Reviews: Online Communities Reshape Marketing Strategies”: “While reviews are influential across all travel categories, hotel recommendations carry the most weight. TravelWeekly’s June 2012 study found that more than 60% of US leisure travelers reserved both resort and nonresort hotels as a result of reading reviews. […] Hotel reviews are not only the most influential among all travel categories, they stand out among all product and service categories across industries as well. ReviewInc and Pepperdine University’s “Online Reviews Study” found that nearly all US internet users were “very likely” or “likely” to consult hotel opinions. Notably, the other 1.1% was neutral; hotels and fine dining restaurants were the only categories for which zero respondents said they’d forgo reading reviews before patronizing a business.”

eMarketer graphic

So don’t stand idly by while your online reviews-driven reputation remains untouched or potentially gets more tarnished by unhappy travelers; contact us to help you build a more positive online reviews-driven reputation!